Internships and Experiential Learning

The Frank Museum offers countless hands-on, real-world, resume-worthy opportunities for UNK students from all degree programs. No matter what your focus or what you need to help fill your academic portfolio, the Frank Museum has something for you!

Internship Examples Include (but are not limited to):

  • Professional museum skill-building such as archiving, digitization, caring for artifacts and historic spaces, research, collection database management, and optimizing collection storage.
  • Marketing and social media
  • Webpage content research and development
  • Event development, management, and promotion
  • Webinars
  • Small exhibit curation
  • Biology, botany, and environmental science studies
  • Construction and architecture studies and analysis
  • Interior Design, Creative Writing, and Art Workshops

Reflections from former student museum interns on their experience at the Frank Museum:

“I found that the most beneficial parts of my experience at the Frank Museum, though there were no parts I found to be without benefit to my education and career, were the experiences I had working on the daily tasks of keeping the museum and its collections in order.  I found that learning about the maintenance process for collection items and how to keep everything organized was important information and experience as it gave me a sense of the real tasks involved in the day-to-day of museum work. Overall, the opportunity to do hands on work and be treated as a museum professional alongside the staff of the museum were invaluable in preparing me for the post-grad public history workforce and giving me the confidence and comfort to do so with great enthusiasm.”
- Autumn L., Graduate Assistant

"Working at the Frank museum has been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience, and as a UNK public history student I consider it to be the first important steppingstone towards a future career in public history. When I first started working at the Frank museum, I had next to no knowledge about public history or museum work, but now after a year of working at the museum I feel confident in saying that public history is the career for me. Not only have I learned what the best practices in the museum field are, I was able to apply them by getting real hands-on experience by working in the archive, working in the exciting field of digital history, and by sharing the house’s history with the public with tours. It is for that reason why I believe the Frank museum helps set up students for success in the public history field by giving them a strong foundation to build a career off of."
- Logan O., Undergraduate Intern and Student Worker