About the Department

The UNK Department of Physics & Astronomy offers multiple 4-year degrees in physics as well as degrees in astronomy and astrophysics. The department also boasts an Engineering Foundations Program which provides students a pathway to an engineering degree at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in our 2+2 and 3+2 programs.

Our majors develop the skills to become great problem solvers, allowing them to excel when they enter the workforce. Degrees in physics, astronomy, and engineering open the door to vast opportunities from industrial settings and government labs to schools and college campuses.

The skills that you develop at UNK can also provide opportunities to work in areas that you may not have expected such as in the business sector, with newspapers and magazines, at telescope observatories, or even on Wall Street. Students who major in these fields make desirable candidates anywhere that problem-solving and analytical skills are valued (everywhere!).

Joshua Beck

“For me, it only seemed natural to study physics at UNK. As a kid, I was often scolded by my mother for taking perfectly good things apart just to see what made them function. I’ve always loved learning new things, especially through a hands-on experience. Physics helps me pick apart the world around me and understand at a fundamental level what is actually happening.”

Joshua Beck

Physics Comprehensive

Beyond the Classroom

At the University of Nebraska at Kearney, you have opportunities to enhance your education by participating in, organizations, internships, and more. The Physics and Astronomy Department at UNK encourages its students to get involved with the multiple opportunities they provide to aid you to your future career. 


Specialty Facilities

  • UNK Planetarium The Department of Physics and Astronomy operates the UNK Planetarium. The UNK Planetarium is Nebraska's newest and largest star theater, providing students and visitors with an indoor Universe where the sky is never cloudy.