Astronomy, Physics, and Engineering Summer Camp

May 24-26 from 10am-3pm

Come hang out with the "APEs" of Discovery Hall: Astronomy, Physics and Engineering! This fun, interactive camp will help students engage with real-world engineering challenges (think Arduino circuitry kits and industry tours) and give them a close up look at the principles of physics that form the underpinnings of the universe (do you know what makes a ping pong cannon work…or a tesla coil?).

Speaking of the universe, our final day of this entertaining camp will focus on Astronomy, where students will learn how physics connects to the sun, moon, and stars, before wrapping up their afternoon with a Planetarium show. Hosted by the UNK Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Engineering Foundations program, come discover the "APEs" of West Campus!

Questions? Contact Laura Jensen at or 308-865-8001


Explore career pathways in Astronomy, Physics, and Engineering

Explore career pathways in Astronomy, Physics, and Engineering

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