Astronomy, Physics, and Engineering Summer Camp

May 21-23, 2024 from 10am-3pm

Come hang out with the "APEs" of West Campus: Astronomy, Physics and Engineering! 

This fun and interactive camp will have students engaging with real-world, hands-on engineering challenges and give them a close-up look at the principles of physics that form the underpinnings of the universe.

Students will learn how physics and engineering are connected to the world around us AND how they are connected to the sun, moon, and stars (astronomy and astrophysics!).

Hosted by the UNK Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Engineering Foundations program, come discover the "APEs" of West Campus!

Camp activities are updated on a yearly basis. Anticipated activities for this year’s camp include mechanics demos, physics of pan pipe building, planetarium show, engineering marble run, solar observation, engineering catapult competition, water rocket design and building, CAD engine design with Inventor, engineering industry on-campus visit, physics-based obstacle course activity, and more (list of activities subject to change as needed).

Questions? Contact Jamila Bajelan at or 308-865-8001

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Explore career pathways in Astronomy, Physics, and Engineering

Explore career pathways in Astronomy, Physics, and Engineering

Discover careers that will take you to exciting new places, from industrial settings and government labs to schools, college campuses, and media outlets. Learn More