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Welcome to the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Engineering at UNK! We offer Astronomy, Physics, and Astrophysics degree options, or you could begin your 2+2 Engineering or 3+2 Dual Engineering and Physics degree program here. If you have questions, please contact Laura Jensen at

In our department, you will be prepared to work in many different and interesting places; in industrial settings and government labs, schools, or on college campuses. Physicists, astrophysicists, and engineers also work in unconventional settings, such as at newspapers and magazines, in government, or even in business — anyplace where their problem-solving abilities and analytical skills are great assets.

Mohmmed Nour

"What I’m studying is intensive, but UNK professors explain material in a straightforward way and provide help when needed. It is a fruitfully challenging environment. Faculty have been very welcoming. I have done undergraduate research with faculty, which gives me a leg up, and my confidence in being prepared for my career is growing every day."

Mohmmed Nour

Astrophysics Comprehensive, Bachelor of Science

Lena Janssen

"I feel very supported by UNK, and the International Office has really helped me. Before coming to the U.S., I was able to talk to many people which made it easy for me to decide on UNK. That support has been continuous and is one of the reasons why I have been able to successfully complete my first three years. The quality of education is really good. Smaller classes have allowed me to ask questions and get the help I need to be successful. What stands out to me is the great connections I have with UNK faculty. I hope to attend graduate school, and UNK is preparing me and giving me support during the application process. Overall, I have grown personally and academically and feel prepared for my career after I graduate."

Lena Janssen

Physics and Math

Adam Schlotthauer

I truly enjoyed how the physics department at UNK was almost like a small family. Everyone very much knew each other and were supportive of one another. The professors were all great and very personable. It was very easy to discuss topics with them and to work on getting a better understanding of what we happened to be studying. It was great to expand my knowledge not only in engineering but also other areas of physics as well. Without the Engineering Foundations program, I likely would not be where I am today. I am currently working at Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest. Once I graduate from UNL, I will then move into a full-time electrical engineering position with Commonwealth and work under their head engineer.

Adam Schlotthauer

Engineering Foundations - Electrical Engineering