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The knowledge you’ll gain in your chemistry classes at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will apply to everyday life, to other courses you’ll take, and to your future career. We have professional chemist, biochemistry and health science emphases, plus a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry, and a 7-12 subject teaching endorsement.

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Samantha Rau

I had no clue when I signed up to start research my freshman year the relationship that I was going to develop with my mentor. Absolutely a wonderful connection to make in the science world. She’s gone through the track that I’m looking to go through. She’s an amazing resource. They truly are here for you to succeed…Because we are such a research focused campus, and we are a smaller size, I believe that a lot more personal connections with faculty are possible.

Samantha Rau


Beyond the Classroom

With many opportunities to get involved, the University of Nebraska at Kearney's Chemistry Department provides multiple ways to develop your skills and knowledge of chemistry. From research and specialty equipment to student organizations. You will always have the most advanced knowledge of your field. 

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Student Organizations

  • UNK Chemistry Club UNK Chemistry Club is an organization of undergraduate chemistry students devoted to establishing a link between the community at large and chemistry as a profession.
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Involving students in exciting research programs is a hallmark of our department. One of the most effective ways of learning chemistry is actually doing original chemistry yourself.

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  • INBRE PROGRAM The primary focus of INBRE is to enhance the competitiveness of biomedical research in Nebraska by supporting the training of students and the research efforts of faculty.
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Specialty Equipment

The Department of Chemistry at UNK houses a wide range of basic and advanced research instrumentations available for both faculty and student use.