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About the Biochemistry Degree Program

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The faculty in the University of Nebraska at Kearney's Department of Chemistry believe in a "hands-on" science experience. In the program, students are provided with the best laboratory experience possible through access to state-of-the-art equipment and participation in active undergraduate research programs. The program is appropriate for many students planning a pharmacy, medical or dental health career.

Majors will learn modern laboratory techniques from expert professors, receive hands-on training with instruments chemists use every day, and benefit from research opportunities leading to presenting and publishing results. This major includes 12 hours of biology courses. This degree is certified by the American Chemical Society. 

Acceptance Rates into Medical School

Over the last 5 years

93% UNK Chemistry

UNK Chemistry

30% National Average

National Average

Medical/Other Health Professional Schools Attended and Places UNK Graduates Work

  • UNMC
  • Harvard
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Kansas City Osteopathic
  • University of Kansas Medical
  • UNMC Pharmacy
  • UNMC Dental
  • Creighton Pharmacy
  • Celerion (Lincoln)
  • Syn Tech
Jared Loschen

“The UNK chemistry department does a great job of preparing their students for the future.” “I have friendships with classmates that will last a lifetime and are invaluable to my success now as a doctor.” Loschen says he would recommend the UNK Chemistry Department to absolutely anyone looking to get a top-notch education. “You’ll be prepared for any roads or challenges that come in the future.”

Jared Loschen

Eagle Dentist Associates , Kearney, NE