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Chemistry Research

Research Program
Involving students in exciting research programs is a hallmark of our department. One of the most effective ways of learning chemistry is actually doing original chemistry yourself! To encourage participation in research, we have a Research Apprentice Program that pays a small stipend to freshmen and sophomore chemistry majors when they first join a project.

Research Apprentice Program is now open

Each year, many chemistry students conduct research projects for academic credit. There is also financial support for some students to receive paid half-time or full-time summer research positions. There are opportunities to travel to scientific meetings around the country to present research results. Many students’ work contributes to articles that are published in the scientific literature. Research experience is considered especially valuable by graduate schools, professional schools, and employers.

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Cao, Haishi | Palencia, Hector | Pattabiraman, Mahesh | Thomas, Allen


Exstrom, Chris | Glass, Amanda


Darveau, Scott | Exstrom, Chris | Kegley-Owen, Carla


Glass, Amanda | Kovacs, Frank


Kounovsky-Shafer, Kristy | Moser, Annette