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Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at University of Nebraska Kearney is committed to be a premiere undergraduate chemistry program that prepares its students for success in their academic, professional, or industrial careers. Our vision is to achieve distinction through excellence in teaching, high-quality research experiences, and engagement in the community and profession, focusing on the development of our students.  We offer high-quality undergraduate programs of study that provide our students with the background necessary to work as professional chemists or to prepare for graduate or professional school. Chemistry is a "hands-on" science, and we place an emphasis on providing students with the best laboratory experience possible through access to state-of-the-art equipment and participation in active undergraduate research programs.

News @ UNK-Chemistry
  • Nga T Nguyen wins first place in 2015 Sigma Xi Student Research Showcase in the Chemistry division. Watch the video here.  
  • UNK Science Day is a community outreach event organized by science faculty in the departments of physics, chemistry, biology, health sciences and astronomy in the College of Natural and Social Sciences at UNK. High school students and their teachers from nearby communities are invited to get a glimpse of scientific learning and laboratory experience at the college level. UNK science faculty and students organize events in the Bruner Hall of Science that allow the visitors to perform simple, intriguing experiments designed to foster student interest in science, and encourage them to pursue higher education and future careers in science and technology.
  • Dr. Amanda M. Glass organized the chemistry events on behalf of the chemistry department this year. More than a hundred high school students attended the UNK science day on Nov 24th, and performed two chemistry experiments including metal ion flame color tests and DNA extraction from strawberries.
  • UNK Faculty and Students Give Fifteen Presentations at the 49th ACS (Fall, 2014 - Nov 12 to 15) Midwest Regional Meeting in Columbia, MO
  • Research Apprentice Program is now open! Follow this link for information about the program, eligibility, and application process. Please download the application form using this link: UNK Chemistry Research Apprentice 2014

UNK Faculty and Students presented 10 posters at the 249th ACS (Spring, 2015 - Mar 22 to 26) ACS National Meeting in Denver, CO
  • Thermal and electronic effects on the solvothermal formation of nanocrystalline WSe2 in aromatic solvents. Michael Hanrahan, Josh Edgar, Scott Darveau, Christopher Exstrom
  • Formation of WSe2 thin films via annealing of a solvothermally prepared nanocrystalline precursor. Josh Edgar, Michael Hanrahan, Christopher Exstrom, Scott Darveau
  • Getting beyond frontier molecular orbital theory to predict regioselectivity of nucleophilic aromatic photosubstitution reactions. Gene Wubbels
  • Stability of gold nanoparticle-based films deposited on plasma-etched borosilicate glass via a layer-by-layer physisorption technique. Rebecca Svatora, Scott Darveau, Christopher Exstrom
  • Stabilization of anisotropic gold nanoparticle shapes by Protein A. Bethany Lueck, Scott Darveau, Christopher Exstrom
  • γ-Cyclodextrin mediated photoheterodimerization between cinnamic acids and coumarins. Aspen Clements, Mahesh Pattabiraman
  • Location of deuterated ammonia in Sagittarius B2. Aspen Clements, Elisabeth Mills
  • Kinetic analysis of the transesterification of soybean oil and methanol catalyzed by N-heterocyclic carbenes. Hector Palencia, Dusty Broxterman
  • Investigation the cleavage of Si-O bond in trimethylsilyl ether for quantitative measurement of fluoride. Gunwoo Kim , Haishi Cao
  • Immobilization and functional coating of gold nanoparticles in a polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic device. Kounovsky-Shafer, Kristy; Blum, Jessica; Svatora, Rebecca; Darveau, Scott A.; Exstrom, Christopher L.

Departmental Assessment Report
The Departmental Assessment Report describes the success of the department in producing positive student outcomes. The General Studies (GS) Report describes how well our courses meet GS objectives.