Mission, Vision, and Values


The University of Nebraska at Kearney is a public, residential university committed to be one of the nation’s premier undergraduate institutions with excellent graduate education, scholarship, and public service.


UNK will achieve national distinction for a high quality, multidimensional learning environment, engagement with community and public interests, and preparation of students to lead responsible and productive lives in an increasingly diverse, interconnected, interdependent, and technological society.


  • Learning Matters: UNK is an academic community that pledges to protect and foster a climate of rigorous intellectual inquiry, unfettered exchange of ideas, and mutual respect—inside and outside the classroom—that is grounded in the principles of academic freedom and academic responsibility. The academic community designs and continuously reviews programs to ensure that students develop broad intellectual capabilities and an awareness of diverse cultures and civilizations in addition to specific academic and career-related knowledge and skills.
  • Learning Environment Matters: UNK is committed to a student-centered learning environment that:
    • is inclusive and explicitly values diversity of individuals, cultures, thought, and expression.
    • centers on student success through personalized teaching and mentoring relationships.
    • extends broad access to a quality education to all qualified students in the region, especially Nebraska, emphasizing diversity and quality.
    • prepares students for lifelong learning with the ability to think critically, exposure to global perspectives, and competence with technology.
    • embraces modern technology to enhance pedagogy and access to traditional and online programs.
    • integrates experiential learning.
    • fosters ethical behavior and decision-making and responsibility.
    • promotes emotional, social, and physical wellness in addition to intellectual development.
    • serves, engages, and enriches the Kearney community, area, and region.
    • provides a regional focal point for intellectual, artistic, cultural, and recreational activity and competitive NCAA Division II intercollegiate sports.
  • People Matter: UNK promotes an inclusive environment that affords equitable access and opportunity to every individual.
  • Responsible Stewardship Matters: UNK is committed to efficient and effective administration of resources—human, financial, and physical/infrastructure—to ensure long-term institutional fiscal stability and environmental sustainability.