Strategic Planning Committee

*began service in 2015 **began service in 2016

Douglas Kristensen, Chancellor – Chair
Peggy Abels, Director of Health Sciences
Kelly Bartling, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Communications and Community Relations
Matt Bice, Exercise Science (COE)*
Kim Carlson, Department of Biology (NSS)/Faculty Senate Rep
Stacy Darveau, Administrative Associate (CBT)
Mark Ellis, Department of History (NSS)
Brenda Eschenbrenner, Department of Accounting and Finance (CBT)/Faculty Senate Rep
Rachel Flaugh, Student Regent**
Bill Jurma, Dean, College of Fine and Performing Arts
Jane Petersen, ITS Director Academic Services
Paul Plinske, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Neal Schnoor, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Executive Affairs
Jon Watts, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance**

Members serving on SPC 2014-16: Chris Jochum, Department of Modern Languages (FAH), John La Duke, Dean, CNSS, Mariah Hergott, Graduate Student/Counseling and School Psychology, Jon Ritterbush, E-Resources and Serials Librarian

Members serving on SPC 2015-16: Evan Calhoun, Student Regent and Jane Sheldon, Interim VCBF

Members serving on SPC in 2014-15: Erin Bush, Communication Disorders (COE), Barbara Johnson, VCBF, Connor Schulte, Student Regent

Phase II Implementation Planning Groups 2015-16

*denotes chair/co-chair

Group 1: Charlie Bicak*, John La Duke, Greg Broekemier, Grace Mims, Sam Umland, Janet Steele, Rod Flanigan, Scott Unruh, Sharon Campbell, Satoshi Machida, Deb Schroeder, Martonia Gaskill, Holly Peterson, Evan Calhoun, and Brittney King.

Group 2: Ed Scantling* and Gilbert Hinga*, Sheryl Feinstein, Toni Hill, Carrie Kracl, Martha Kruse, Suzanne Maughan, George Holman, Dusty Newton, Kyle Means, Michael Stopford, Tami Moore, Aaron Estes, Bree Dority, Gloria Vavricka, and Dallas Doering.

Group 3: Kathy Zuckweiler* and Jane Sheldon*, Tim Burkink, Kyle Luthans, Jan Moore, Daren Snider, Paul Twigg, Mary Chinnock Petroski, Dustin Favinger, Laura Hyatt, Rochelle Kruger, Steve McGahan, David Palmer, and Chris Wilson.

Group 4: Kenya Taylor* and Jean Mattson*, Janet Wilke, Laurie Swinney, Sherry Crow, Tim Farrell, Scott Darveau, Lee McQueen, Rich Brodersen, Pete Kotsiopulos, Brian Cox, Chelsea Swarm, Richard Mocarski, Susan Mueller, and Megan Fryda.

Group 5: Kelly Bartling*, Bill Jurma, Paul Plinske, Alan Wedige, Lucas Dart, Shawn Kaskie, Marsha Yeagley, Dick Meyer, Rick Schuessler, Katherine Kime, Audrey Kauders, Will Stoutamire, Noah Rogoff, and Todd Gottula.