Mission Imperatives

UNK is an exemplary public university that serves Nebraska by:

  • meeting citizens’ educational needs.
  • adhering to policies of accrediting and governing agencies.
  • being accountable to stakeholders for the quality of its work and for good stewardship of its resources.
  • engaging in research, service, and outreach activities that apply university expertise to public needs.
  • renewing curriculum, pedagogy, and activities with advice from internal and external constituencies.
  • recruiting, challenging, nurturing, and retaining a diverse student body.
  • recruiting and mentoring qualified diverse faculty and staff.
  • building bridges to the community and state through athletic, cultural, and educational events.

UNK is an exemplary residential university that provides:

  • a holistic approach to student development manifested in a progressive academic curriculum and a wide array of personal growth opportunities outside the classroom.
  • residence halls and academic buildings that are well suited to student success and achievement.
  • modern, well maintained and secure living and dining accommodations, sports and recreational facilities,and campus grounds.
  • programs and services designed to involve those who live on or off campus in campus life.
  • deliberate interaction with the surrounding community, capitalizing on location advantages to enhance learning opportunities for students.

UNK provides quality undergraduate education by means of:

  • a curriculum that provides solid grounding for students in the liberal arts and sciences while also enabling them to specialize and prepare for careers.
  • high quality academic programs that attract top students and draw faculty from centers of scholarship nationwide and worldwide.
  • a well-qualified faculty/staff/student community whose diversity is itself an educational resource.
  • student services that foster academic success, involvement in campus life, and progress toward graduation.
  • a culture that supports opportunities for international experiences and studies.
  • a commitment to learning with plentiful opportunities for students to engage in research with professors.
  • a modern instructional and information technology infrastructure.
  • expanding affordable access through quality online courses and degree programs.
  • processes to assess student learning and to adjust programs in light of that appraisal.

UNK provides quality graduate programs that:

  • build on areas of undergraduate strength.
  • respond to public need and demand and serve the people of Nebraska and beyond.
  • familiarize students with trends and developments in their disciplines.
  • mentor students to contribute to their disciplines and apply knowledge to issues in society.
  • help students develop research skills.

UNK values and supports faculty research and creative activity that:

  • advances academic disciplines and addresses public needs.
  • enhances teaching and professional development.
  • involves mentoring and collaboration with students.

Envisioned Outcomes

  • UNK will graduate persons who know the accomplishments of civilizations, who value disciplined thought, and who are prepared for productive careers, further education, and responsible citizenship.
  • UNK will advance state and community interests by applying university educational programs and other expertise to meet public needs.