The William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community (TSLC) is a living/learning community for students who are awarded the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation Scholarship at the University of Nebraska Kearney (UNK).  The Thompson Learning Communities were initiated in 2008 at UNK, UNO, and UNL through a partnership between the University of Nebraska and the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation; the learning communities are named in honor of William H. Thompson, the father of Susan Thompson Buffett.  Students who choose to attend UNK become known as Thompson Scholars and automatically become part of the living/learning community.

Discover Your Future

Thompson Scholars Learning Community logoWhile the Thompson Scholars Learning Community Program focuses primarily on the 1st-year and 2nd-year experience, the TSLC Program also provides services to 3rd-year through 5th-year Thompson Scholars. The TSLC Staff offers academic support and individualized attention to students so that they can achieve academic success, become engaged in campus life, and graduate from college.


Odwuar Quiñonez Rodriguez

“Being a Thompson Scholar at UNK is like having another family away from home. It is an honor being a Thompson Scholar because all scholars get an outstanding support system that not many college students get. Everyone on campus can recognize a Thompson Scholar for their leadership abilities. The TSLC staff makes sure every scholar grows professionally and academically. They have resources that help students in the learning community every day. With their support, I was able to get a full-time job as a teacher immediately after graduating.”

Odwuar Quiñonez Rodriguez