Academic Plan for Thompson Scholars Beginning at UNK in 2020-2021

Academic Plan for Thompson Scholars Beginning at UNK in 2021-2022

UNK TSLC Open Classes for Spring 2022

UNK TSLC Open Classes for Fall 2022

In sharing academic experiences, the Thompson Scholars have the opportunity to develop intellectually with one another. Academic learning communities increase student academic achievement, involvement, motivation, and graduation rates. Ultimately, by sharing academic pursuits, students are more able to connect their academic course work to their personal lives, providing for a more meaningful college experience.

UNK TSLC Faculty for Spring 2021

First Row (L to R): Dr. Julie Campbell (Criminal Justice), Ms. Jennifer Harvey (TSLC), Dr. Jacob Weiss (Mathematics), and Dr. Maha Younes (Social Work).

Second Row (L to R): Dr. Suzanne Spencer (Sociology), Mr. Aaron Blackman (Communications), Ms. Julie Smith (TSLC), and Dr. Sandra Loughrin (Sociology).

Third Row (L to R): Dr. Torsten Homberger (International Studies), Dr. Amanda Sladek (English), and Ms. Chuanyao Zheng (TSLC).

Not Pictured:  Ms. Janice Fronczak (Theatre), Dr. Jeremy Dillon (Geography), and Ms. Kiphany Hof (Counseling and School Psychology).

If you have questions about TSLC classes, please contact Dr. Julie Campbell, TSLC Faculty Coordinator for assistance.

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