Loper Life

The Loper Life is an e-mail of events and programs for students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Events that meet the Loper Life guidelines may be included.

UNK Loper Life Guidelines

  • Announcements must be received using the online submission form.
  • Announcements must be campus-wide events that are sponsored by a recognized campus student organization or a department of the University.
  • The program must be open to all students and be of potential interest to the entire student body.
  • The event must be scheduled within 10 days of the announcement.
  • Announced events must be held on campus.
  • The text of the entire announcement should not exceed 300 characters in plain text. Announcements that require extensive editing may be omitted.
  • Announcements may be limited; generally no announcement will be made more than one time.
  • Special Communications are generally restricted to urgent matters or safety concerns.
  • Because the majority of the Loper Life recipients are under the age of 21, announcements for events where alcohol will be served will not be included in the Loper Life.
  • All announcements must be added to the UNK Calendar of Events at the same time the submission is sent to the Loper Life. It is the responsibility of the individual submitting the announcement to add the event to the UNK Calendar.

If you have questions about Loper Life or need assistance, call the Student Union at (308) 865-8523 or e-mail unkstudentbulletin@unk.edu

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