UNK Student Bulletin

UNK Student Bulletin Calendar is an email promoting events and programs for UNK students.

  • Events must be sponsored by a Recognized Student Organization or a university department.
  • The program must be open to all students, be of interest to the entire student body, and have a potential attendance of 50 or more.
  • Submissions must include time, day, date, location and a brief description of the event. You may attach an event flyer. Submissions may be edited for length and clarity.
  • Events where alcohol will be served will not be announced.
  • The Office of Student Engagement may promote your event and post flyers on Facebook (@UNKStudents) and Twitter (@UNK_Students).

Email submissions to unkstudentbulletin@unk.edu. For assistance, call the Student Union and Student Engagement office at 308-865-8523.

For additional promotion, submit your event to online calendars at www.unk.edu/calendar and www.unk.presence.io; Orca TV (residence hall TVs), https://unk.orcatv.com/home; and Four Winds (TVs across campus, educational buildings, etc.), support@unkwebservices.freshdesk.com.