UNK Student Government

Students play a major role in ensuring that the UNK experience is unforgettable. At UNK, student government is highly involved in all aspects of the university, including student life, academics, and policies.

Much like the federal government, student government is comprised of an executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch. Each is charged with specific roles and responsibilities, and the students who serve on them take their job in that role seriously. These are students you know; they are your friends, roommates, classmates, study partners, and teammates. This means that you can depend on them to ensure your voice is heard.

For more information, call the Student Engagement office at 308-865-8523.

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Emily Saadi



Emily Saadi

Email: unkregent@nebraska.edu
Phone: (308) 865-8523

Zach Zavodny



Zach Zavodny

Email: zavodnyz2@lopers.unk.edu
Phone: (308) 865-8523


Forms and Documents

student government cabinet members

The executive branch is comprised of six cabinet members -- student body president, vice president, chief of staff, secretary of the treasury, secretary of student organizations and affairs, and secretary of community relations.

The president is the official student body representative to the administration and public and represents UNK as a student member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. He or she has the power to pass or veto legislation passed by the Senate.

The cabinet, chaired by the vice president, consists of the four constitutionally enumerated officers and other directors, advisers and support staff.

Joseph Hiatt: Chief of Staff
Earlen Gutierrez: Secretary of Student Organizations & Affairs
Luke Sykes: Secretary of the Treasury
Allie Daro: Secretary of Community Relations

The Senate is the legislature of the student body. Students are elected to the Senate from each of UNK's three undergraduate colleges and the University of Nebraska graduate college. There are also freshman senators and deciding/preprofessional student senators.

The Senate has the power to pass legislation for the campus, approve new student organizations, appoint student representatives to Faculty Senate and other administrative committees, and perform any other duties concerning student issues or concerns.

The Senate meets at 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays in the Antelope Room of the Nebraskan Student Union. Meetings, which are open to anyone, are held weekly during the school year, except during finals week.

For more information, call the Student Senate office at 308-865-8395 or Senate advisers at 308-865-8523.

Speaker of the Senate: Tristan Larson
Secretary of the Senate: Bethany Burklund
Parliamentarian of the Senate: Olivia Lawless


College of Business and Technology

Emily Hall
Emma Bond
Omar Sanchez
Keenan Obed Torres

College of Education

Aidan Weidner
Jacob Howe
Joey Orellana
Hunter Hiatt

College of Arts & Sciences

Alex Danson
Trenten Theis
Olivia Koenig
Gracie Luebbe
Temo Molina
Esther Uma
Noah Shackelford
Jenny Kelly

Graduate College

Logan Johansen

University College

Zoie Jacobsen

Student court consists of seven associate justices, a chief justice and secretary of the court. The student body president nominates justices, who must be confirmed by the Senate.

Student Court handles cases in four primary areas:
  • Student organizations recognized by Student Government
  • Complaints filed in relation to Student Government elections
  • Cases that involve the functioning of Student Government from either the legislative or executive branches
  • Appeals of traffic citations issued by campus police and parking services.

Student Court meets at 4 p.m. Tuesdays during the school year in the Nebraskan Student Union. These meetings are private, but you are welcome to attend if your case is being reviewed.

For more information, email studentcourt@unk.edu or call the Student Government office at 308-865-8395 or the Court Advisor at 308-865-8523.

Information on how to file a formal complaint

Student Court members

Tanner Butler, Student Court Chief Justice
Simon Clark, Student Court Justice
Jake Novicki, Student Court Justice
Alex Novicki, Student Court Justice
Theresa Ascherl, Student Court Justice

Current openings in Student Government:

Student Court: 1 Justice

College of Education Senator: 1 Seat

Graduate College Senator: 1 Seat

University College Senator: 1 Seat

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