Exit Loan Counseling

Exit Loan Counseling is for all federal student loan borrowers who have either applied for graduation from UNK, withdrawn from classes, or dropped below half-time enrollment. Borrowers required to complete the counseling will be notified of this need by the Office of Financial Aid. Its purpose is to help you become well prepared and knowledgeable regarding the repayment of the student loans you have borrowed. Exit Loan Counseling at UNK may be completed in one of the following ways:

  1. Group Session: You may register to attend a scheduled in-person or Zoom group session led by a financial aid counselor. If after the group session you want to speak with a counselor more specifically about your loans, a counselor will be available by calling the Office of Financial Aid at (308) 865-8520. 
    To sign up for one of these sessions, please fill out the registration form below. 

  2. Online Session: You may complete the Exit Loan Counseling session online on your own at StudentAid.gov. Once you complete the online session, the UNK Office of Financial aid will be notified electronically.

Graduating students will receive a notification of the need to complete the counseling about one month prior to graduation and will see Exit Loan Counseling listed as a reminder in your “To Do” section on MyBLUE. Once you have completed a group or online counseling session, the reminder will drop off your “To Do” section.

Exit Loan Counseling provides crucial information useful in planning for the repayment of your student loans as you leave college and begin your career. Undergraduate students graduating Spring 2024 borrowed on average $17,016 in Federal Direct Student Loan while at UNK. Average monthly payments for this debt at 6.8% is approximate $195.68/month for 10 years. For graduate students, the average loan borrowed while at UNK is $31,742. Average monthly payments for this debt at 6.8% is approximately $365.03/month for 10 years. This counseling provides information on resources available to you during repayment. You will be more confident about your ability to manage loan repayment.

Exit Loan Registration (for those choosing a Group Session)

Please register for your Exit Loan Counseling session as soon as possible.

The information requested below is federally required and is sent to the Federal Department of Education. It is then made available to your Loan Servicer. For your convenience, we are requesting this information in advance of your session in order to make it easier for you to list the required information. Those who do an online session at StudentAid.gov complete this information as well.

Please keep the following in mind as you sign up for one of these sessions and fill out the form below.

  • All fields are required except Expected Employer. If this is unknown, it may be left blank.
  • At least two personal references and one next of kin address information is required. The references must have different addresses preferably different from your own address.
  • References are for additional contact purposes only. They are not responsible for repaying your loan.