Co-enrollment happens when a student takes classes at UNK and another qualified (host) institution during the same semester and requests that their financial aid be based upon the combined hours. In order to be eligible to co-enroll with UNK, the following must be true:

  1. You are a degree seeking student at UNK and are applying for financial aid.
  2. You are enrolled in one or more courses at UNK.
  3. The course you are taking at the host institution applies toward your degree at UNK.
  4. You have submitted a co-enrollment form by the below published deadlines.

Co-enrollment forms will be available and processed according to the deadlines below.  Incomplete forms or forms submitted after the published deadlines will not be processed.

  • Spring 2022 Semester – October 25, 2021 to January 28, 2021

Nebraska University System Co-enrollment Notification Form

Completing the form below indicates the student's co-enrollment at UNK and another institution in the University of Nebraska system during the same semester.

Nebraska University System Co-enrollment Policies

By submitting this notification I understand that:

  • I must be admitted to UNK as a degree seeking student.
  • I must be enrolled in at least one UNK class for the semester I am seeking co-enrollment.
  • I will be awarded based on the number of hours for which I am registered at each institution at the time of submission. If I change my hours I must submit another notification.
  • I must be eligible for federal student aid (completed a FAFSA and UNK verification process, if applicable).
  • I must be meeting UNK Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards
  • I can only receive federal financial aid at one institution.
  • Tuition and fees in the budget will be based on the UNK standard budget.
  • I am responsible for paying my bill at the other NU campus. (Financial aid will credit to your UNK billing account. If funds remain, a refund will be issued to you. You should use these funds to pay your bill at the other school.)
  • I will receive an e-mail from UNK within 10 days of submitting this notification concerning my award.
  • My enrollment status will be checked at both schools according to the UNK census date (last day of drop and add) and adjustments will be made if necessary.
  • UNK will view grades at all institutions for use in determining satisfactory academic progress.

(Please use “State and CC Co-enrollment Form” for schools outside the NU system.)

State and Community College Co-enrollment Policies and Form

Nebraska State & Community College Co-Enrollment FormStudents must meet/abide by the following requirements to be eligible for financial aid for co-enrolled hours:
  • The student must be eligible for federal student aid.
    Eligibility is determined once UNK has received the current year FAFSA, the verification process, if applicable, is completed, and the student is meeting UNK Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.
  • The student must obtain his/her UNK academic Advisor's signature.
    Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor and have them sign the form. By signing the form, the advisor states they advised the student to take classes at another institution.  

  • The student must submit form to host institution's Financial Aid Office.
    Students are required to submit the form to the host institution's Financial Aid Office. By having the host institution complete their portion of this form, the host institution is verifying that the student is enrolled with them and that they have not awarded the student any financial aid.

  • The student is responsible for payment at their host institution.
    UNK will credit your accepted financial aid to your UNK billing account. If there are funds remaining after the UNK bill is paid a refund will be ordered. You should use this refund toward paying your bill at the host institution.

    If you have set up direct deposit, the funds should be in your personal account within about 5 days of the refund being ordered. If you do not have direct deposit, a refund check will be available for pick up in the Finance Office within about 7 days.

  • The student must notify UNK if they drop a class at the host institution during that school's "free drop" period.
    If a class is dropped during the host institution's "free drop" period, the student must notify the Office of Financial Aid. A student is not entitled to aid for a class not taken. Aid must be adjusted, which may mean funds will need to be paid back to UNK.

  • UNK enrollment will be based upon the level of enrollment during the last day (Friday) of Drop & Add Week.
    During the fall and spring semesters, whatever number of UNK credit hours a student is enrolled in on the last day of Drop & Add Week (Friday) will determine the number of UNK credit hours used in deciding the student's combined level of enrolled credits (i.e., adding a class to a student's course schedule at UNK after the last day of Drop & Add Week will not impact their financial aid award or their co-enrollment, as the this date is past the deadline for co-enrollment forms to be submitted).

    For summer semester, UNK enrollment will be reviewed on a rolling basis due to the various summer sessions.

  • The host institution is required to provide UNK with data concerning the student's progress and must have an agreement with UNK.
    Schools that have a consortium agreement with UNK are listed on the co-enrollment form. The host institution must provide UNK with student grades each semester. The host institution is also required to notify UNK if the student withdraws from a class.

  • UNK equivalent hours will be used in figuring the number of hours a student is enrolled.
    If the class at the host institution transfers to UNK for a class worth different credit hours at UNK, it is the UNK credits which will be used to figure enrollment status. View transfer credit equivalencies.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will be based on UNK classes and the host institution classes.
    At the end of each semester, grades will be requested for the purpose of figuring the student's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status. When calculating SAP, UNK will use the grades and the completion rate from each school to figure the student's SAP status. View more information on SAP.

  • The UNK budget is adjusted to include the host institution's tuition and fees.
    Tuition and fees will be adjusted to reflect the budgeted amount for the UNK hours plus the budgeted tuition and fees for the host institution.

  • Students will receive a notification at their Loper e-mail within ten days of UNK receiving their co-enrollment form.
    A revised award notice will be sent stating that co-enrollment has been taken into consideration when determining the student's award. If UNK is unable to award the student, an e-mail will be sent alerting the student to the situation.