New Nebraskan Scholarship Offers In-State Tuition

The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers a scholarship to all out-of-state undergraduate students so they will pay the in-state tuition rate. Beginning in fall 2021 with the New Nebraskan Scholarship, non-resident students will receive a discount to save up to $29,520 on tuition over a 4-year period, matching in-state tuition rates.

2021 Tuition Rate
$209 / credit hour


$246 / credit hour Difference between in-state and non-resident tuition
$7,380 Annually
$29,520 4 - Year Period

Based on 30 credits per year. Savings are approximate when compared to average tuition costs for non-resident students without a scholarship.

Logan Prater

"IN-STATE TUITION was a life saver. Finances were a crucial part in my decision to come to UNK. I am getting a great education. College of Education degrees are very competitive in Nebraska. You are more likely to get a job once you graduate. Coming from out of state, UNK makes you feel secure and that YOU BELONG."

Logan Prater

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