Outstanding Experience. In-State Price.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers a scholarship to all out-of-state undergraduate students so they will pay the in-state tuition rate. With the New Nebraskan Scholarship, non-resident students will receive a discount to save up to $30,600 on tuition over a 4-year period, matching in-state tuition rates.

Non-residents Pay In-state Tuition

With the New Nebraskan Scholarship, non-resident undergraduate students will pay the in-state rate to attend UNK. There is no application for the New Nebraskan Scholarship; you only need to apply to UNK and the scholarship will be added to your financial aid offer. Apply to UNK

2023 Tuition Rate
$216 / credit hour


$255 / credit hour Difference between in-state and non-resident tuition
$7,650 Annually
$30,600 4 - Year Period

Based on 30 credits per year. Savings are approximate when compared to average tuition costs for non-resident students without a scholarship.

Aspen Brandich

“In-state tuition has BEEN HUGE. The quality of education is amazing and smaller class sizes have provided me with better opportunities. Kearney is very communal and FEELS LIKE HOME. I’m so glad that I chose to come here.”

Aspen Brandich

Pre-Nursing, Colorado Springs, CO

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