About the Department

Sociology is a science that studies groups within various societies. The University of Nebraska at Kearney offers its students two options for earning a degree in Sociology—on-campus and online. Students who need to juggle schoolwork with other obligations and obstacles will find convenience in the Sociology department's innovative Online Degree Completion Program that allows students to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology.

Earning a Sociology degree on campus lets students experience the excitement of campus life while also taking advantage of one-on-one interaction with top faculty. UNK offers both Bachelor of Science degrees and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology, as well as a Sociology 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement. The hands-on learning opportunities are immense—research opportunities, internships, opportunities to study abroad, participation in Sociology Club, field trips, and much more. Even if your degree is not closely related, a minor or second major in Sociology will greatly expand your knowledge and make you more employable.

Beyond the Classroom

The UNK Sociology department puts a great deal of effort and resources in getting its students out of a traditional lecture-style environment and into a hands-on learning environment. As a Sociology student, you'll find many opportunities to get involved in field and lab work, internships, and studying abroad.

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Experiential Learning

  • Sociology Club The UNK Sociology Club is a student organization open to both Sociology majors and other majors on the UNK campus. Its purpose is to casually discuss sociology, network with other students and professionals, plan activities, and just have fun.
  • Internships Through its internship program, Sociology offers its students the opportunity to work with real clients in real situations throughout Nebraska.
  • Study Abroad Studying abroad is one of the most effective methods for learning the about the cultural diversity that is so important to Sociology. Observing groups within other cultures lets Sociology students gain perspectives that could never be realized through the classroom alone.
  • Nebraska Undergraduate Sociological Symposium NUSS supports undergraduate student research in sociology and encourages critical thinking and social action. Students present papers or projects at a yearly conference hosted by member colleges and universities in the state of Nebraska.
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  • Riley & Rodney Oestreicher Scholarship Fund Candidates for this scholarship shall be pursuing a major in psychology, history, geography or sociology. Recipients shall be sophomore, junior or senior in class standing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Financial aid will be taken into consideration
  • Sociological Imagination Scholarship This scholarship shall be awarded to a full-time Sociology major with sophomore class standing or above.
  • Cope Leadership Scholarship Prospective Cope Scholars will complete an application designed to elicit their career interests and leadership potential. Recipients shall have a composite ACT of 25 and a sixth semester high school GPA of 3.75 or higher, as well as a declared major.
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