About the Department

Women’s, Gender, and Ethnic Studies are interdisciplinary minor degree programs that explore gender as a system of relations and power and the impact of race and ethnicity on the creation of identity, justice, and power. In the Women's and Gender Studies minor program students apply feminist, gender, and queer theory to understand intersectional issues of race, sexuality, and class, collectively creating a society free of discrimination, harassment, and violence. In the Ethnic Studies program students apply critical theories of race and intersectionality to understand systems of privilege and oppression in a complex society, gaining a multicultural competency to work with populations that are both diverse and inclusive.

To add the minor degree to your academic program, complete the program change form to “add a minor” in MyBlue, or contact the Women’s, Gender, and Ethnic Studies program director.

Beyond the Classroom

The University of Nebraska at Kearney's Department of English allows its students to become involved early and often. With opportunities to earn scholarships, internships, and participate in organizations on campus, our students are a step above the rest and have skills that put them ahead in their future careers.    

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Student Organization

  • Triota Triota (Iota-Iota-Iota) is a student organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting scholarship in Women’s, Gender, & Ethnic Studies and to empowering students of any sex, gender, race, orientation, status, and ability. It promotes awareness of gender, ethnic, and racial issues on campus and in the community while also fostering activism and advocacy.
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 Students minoring in Women’s & Gender Studies are qualified to apply for an annual scholarship. The award is based on a student’s academic performance and her/his/their contribution to Triota and/or to women’s and gender issues in the larger Kearney community. Contact program director for more information. 

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No Limits

  • No Limits Conference The program continues to grow, adding a new course in LGBTQ+ Studies in 2018 and supporting experiential learning through research and presentation at the annual “No Limits” conference hosted on a rotating basis in Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney.