Purpose of a Liberal Education

Building a strong foundation

At the University of Nebraska at Kearney, we recognize that you have a variety of interests that are often difficult to compartmentalize within traditional academic categories. We also believe that true intellectual development is a powerful combination of the general and the specific - that you need to explore multiple perspectives across disciplines and build a strong general foundation before you decide on the specific field that interests you the most. This is why all UNK students are required to complete the General Studies Program that includes 45 hours of General Studies courses selected from the humanities, the fine arts, mathematics, and the natural, social, and behavioral sciences.

A broad overview

Offering a combination of courses across four categories – Foundational Core; Portal; Distribution; and Capstone - the General Studies Program helps you develop the skills you need to succeed in any career path you may choose. It is a program that empowers you to make your own connections across disciplines...to learn how you can implement what you learn in the classroom to solving real-world problems in your natural, social, economic, and political environments...to acquire the broad knowledge and deep understanding you need to reflect, analyze, and understand the world on your own terms. It is an exciting, unforgettable introduction to the rest of your UNK education.

Advantages of a General Studies Education
AAC&U Definitions of a General Education