Process used for selecting GS Distribution courses for assessment

Goal: collect assessment data from 25% of GS Distribution courses; courses to be assessed are selected using the following criteria:

Diversity: Each Distribution area has courses from a number of different academic departments and, in most instances, undergraduate colleges. To reflect this, the courses selected for assessment should also be diverse.

Representativeness: The number of Departments participating in each Distribution area varies, as does the number of courses offered by the individual Departments. Thus, courses selected for inclusion in the assessment process should be representative of not only the Departments which participate in that Distribution area but also the level of their participation.

Multiple sections: Courses selected for inclusion should have multiple sections offered during the semester being assessed.

Enrollment: Courses selected for inclusion should have enrollments of 25 – 30 students.

Exclusions: Honors courses are excluded from the selection process due to their limited size and availability to a select student population.

Number of courses required to be assessed in each distribution area to meet the 25% goal

Distribution Area

Course prefix and number of GS courses in Distribution area

Total courses in Distribution area

Number of courses to be assessed (25%)


MUS – 7 courses

ART – 2 courses

THEA – 2 courses

DANC – 1 course




PHIL – 7 courses

HIST – 6 courses

ENG – 5 courses

GERM – 3 courses

SPAN – 3 courses

FREN – 2 courses

SPCH – 1 course



Social Science

CJUS – 3 courses

ECON – 3 courses

GEOG – 3 courses

FSID – 2 courses

PSCI – 2 courses

PSY – 2 courses

SOC – 2 courses

ETHS; ITEC; INTS; SOSC; SPCH; and WSTD – each have 1 course



Natural Science

PHYS – 11 courses

BIOL – 5 courses

CHEM – 4 courses

GEOG – 4 courses



Analytical & Quantitative Thought

CSIT – 5 courses

MIS – 2 courses

ITEC; MATH; MGT; MUS; and PSY – each have 1 course




FSID – 2 courses

PE – 2 courses

HSCI and PSY – each have 1 course



Common Instruments and Rubrics for Assessment

Common Instruments and Rubrics for Assessment

General Studies Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Long-Term Assessment Schedule

Long-Term Assessment Schedule

GS Assessment Reports

General Studies Assessment Reports: 2015/16 AY

General Studies Assessment Reports: 2014/15 AY

General Studies Assessment Reports: 2013/14 AY