Crime Prevention Programs

Patch 2016

A variety of programs are offered by Police and Parking Services continually throughout the year and upon specific request. During new freshman orientation and transfer days, parents are informed of services offered to the students by multiple departments including but not limited to Residence Life, Student Affairs, The Women's Center, Counseling and Student Health Care. Often, a program is designed to respond to a specific problem or request and is generally handled through the Crime Prevention Officer serving as a resource to the UNK community for addressing issues of safety and prevention. For additional information, please contact (308) 865-8911. The following crime prevention programs and projects are offered by Police and Parking Services.

Basic Self Defense – The UNK police department offers free training to the men and women who are affiliated with UNK. Participants will learn hands on techniques as well as partake in classroom discussions.

Sexual Assault Prevention– This program offers objectives of what is a sexual assault, effects of a sexual assault, preservation of evidence, and prevention. This class will educate participants on the dangers and the realities of sexual assaults among college age students. We will also focus on consent and bystander intervention, in order to be confident and intervene should an incident arise.

Danger of Social Media - This continuously evolving class is designed to help with internet safety. The UNK Police Department uses an interactive approach with real life examples on how easy it is to become a victim. This class will also assist in ideas and ways for the class attendees to remain safe, and to place themselves in favorable situations, by creating awareness.

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault - This class is designed to raise awareness of the dangers lurking around every corner. Attendees can hopefully gain the knowledge to be aware of their surroundings and to stay safe as possible. Real life examples and situations will be discussed and attendees will leave with the knowledge to be safer today than they were yesterday.

Work Place Violence – Informational workshop on work place violence. Recognizing and reporting signs indicating a potentially violent co-worker, employee or student. Developing codes within your office regarding potentially dangerous subjects and tips on de-escalating volatile situations. Referral systems for help with students and co-workers.

Active Shooter - During any given month or year, the reality of an active shooter will strike somewhere. If that somewhere is where you are you'll need the proper mindset and tools to react with purpose to maximize your chance of survival. This course will assist you in getting that mindset. Instructors will discuss what options an individual has in those fleeting moments, what university policy and procedures are in place, and what options individuals have to help prevent such incidents.

Stalking in the Digital Age– Participants will learn the dangers of using the Internet and social media. Also ways to maintain their safety while on campus.

Security Surveys – Upon request, Police and Parking Services will perform a security survey or audit for individual areas or departments.

Grounds and Building Surveys – Safety surveys of the university property are completed by the University Safety Committee bi-annually. The committee notes any safety issues and submits work orders to the Facilities Management Department to be corrected.

Lighting Surveys – Police and Parking Services completes a monthly lighting survey of university property. All non-functioning lights or poorly lit areas are noted and a work order is submitted to the Facilities Management Department to be corrected.

A gentle reminder to PLEASE stop texting and driving!