Video Security

The operation of the video security system is for security, supervisory and law enforcement purposes only. Video security, including purchasing, installing, maintaining, monitoring, networking, duplicating images, managing public expectations of security and the publics' right to know the location of video security, will be conducted in a professional, ethical and legal manner and in accordance with accepted legal concepts regarding privacy. Personnel involved in video recording will be trained and supervised in the responsible use of video surveillance. Information obtained through the use of a video security system will be used exclusively for security, supervisory and law enforcement purposes. Dissemination of such information shall be conducted on a need to know basis in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws and University policies.

System Implementations
Requests for system implementation, changes or additions shall be sent to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance. A four person committee will review all requests for video security installations. The committee will consist of a member from the office of Police and Parking Services, Facilities Management Planning, Business Services and Information Technology Services.

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Video Security Policy