Active Shooter: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT


- Call 911 if and when it is safe to do so.
- Provide 911 with as much specific information as possible: location, description, time, etc.
- Consider: Run. Hide. Fight.
o Run: If it is safe to do so for staff and students, run out of the building and far away until you are in a safe location.
o Hide: If running is not a safe option, hide in as safe a place as possible
o Fight: As a last resort, adults in immediate danger should consider using force and items in their environment: fire extinguishers and chairs.
- Remember: Law enforcement’s top priority is to stop the bad guy! They will look for the person(s) with a gun.

Evacuating the building

  • Be patient, do not leave until directed to do so by Law Enforcement. The silence may be the shooter looking for a target.
  • A shooter will not stop shooting until they are engaged by Law Enforcement or are out of ammo.
  • Rescue attempts can be made only when it is safe to do so.

Police Department

  • Objective is to neutralize the threat
  • Facilitate follow up medical care, interviews and counseling
  • Investigation

Request a training

  • Training is available from the UNK Police Department on what to do for an active shooter
  • Call 865-8911 for a scheduled training for your group.