Weapons Storage Information

This program is being provided to prevent the improper, or illegal storage of firearms in dorms, offices, or vehicles on campus property.

This resource will allow students coming in from out of town or state to have an alternative storage option for their firearms since the campus is a gun free zone with the exceptions of UNK Police and other verified agencies and personnel (RP-6.4.8).The purpose of this program is to promote the safe storage of firearms owned by students, faculty, or staff who legally own a firearm.

In order to obtain storage services, a complete background check will be completed. The applicant will read and acknowledge the following: UNKPD’s Weapon Safety and Storage Rules on the reverse side of the application; and The Public Weapons Storage Release Form.

All faculty, staff, and students eligible for legal possession of a firearm can store their weapon under this program.

Name, photo ID, and NUID will be required for the registration and check-in/out process.

Short-term (one/two day storage) and Long-term Storage: for short term storage, exceptions will be made in that ANY visitor, legally owning a firearm and passing the background check, may check in a firearm for the duration of their visit.

All long term storage registrations must be resubmitted at the beginning of each semester. Any items which are left and not renewed, and if the owner is not able to be reached, will be considered abandoned and will be lawfully disposed of.

Forms must be printed prior to submission at UNK Police with questions regarding this program or forms call (308)865-8911

Student Weapons Storage Waver

Public Weapons Storage Form