Human Resources Policies

As an employee of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, you should become familiar with all personnel policies. The following information does not cover every policy or procedure but rather it simply summarizes some of the key points each employee should understand.

As you review these policies, you should keep in mind several basic concepts. First, our relationship as employer and employee is based on mutual respect and consent, and therefore, will continue only as long as both parties find the relationship to be satisfactory. Accordingly, you are free to terminate your employment with proper notice whenever you feel it would be in your best interest to do so. In turn, the University reserves the right to terminate employment whenever, in its discretion, it is felt necessary to do so. This is known as employment "at-will" and all of the policies are subject to this overriding principle.

Second, these policies cannot possibly describe every circumstance that might arise, and therefore, should be considered only summaries for your convenient reference. They are not a contract, and the University of Nebraska at Kearney reserves the right to exercise its discretion when interpreting and applying these policies, and to modify the policies at any time.

Finally, because these policies are summaries only, there will be other documents containing more complete rules and requirements to which you will need to refer from time to time. This especially applies in the case of certain benefits, which are governed by insurance policies and other written benefit plans. Do not rely exclusively on the policies outlined with respect to any specific benefit plan. All benefit descriptions in these policies are subject to the terms of the benefit plan itself, and the employee meeting whatever eligibility requirements qualifications and conditions are set forth in the insurance policy or benefit plan, and it is your responsibility to be sure that you understand those provisions.

It is your responsibility to read the policies and keep updated. If you have questions regarding any of the policies, or need more information on any subject, please contact your supervisor, your department head, or the Human Resource department.

Human Resources Policies