What is UNKAlert?

During an emergency situation which disrupts or has the potential to disrupt campus operations and services on the UNK campus, the emergency operation plan will be activated. An important part of this plan is to alert students, faculty and staff of the emergency situation and to list any precautionary steps to take if known.

UNKAlert will notify you any time the campus community is impacted by a significant emergency or dangerous situation which involves the immediate threat to the health and safety of the campus community. This could include

  • Serious criminal incidents
  • Active shooter/armed intruder
  • Hostage/barricade incident
  • Civil unrest or rioting
  • Suspicious package, bomb or explosives confirmation
  • Severe structural damage or fire
  • Serious health outbreaks
  • Biological threat
  • Terrorist incidents
  • Approaching tornado or extreme weather conditions

During an emergency, our goal is to communicate first with those most immediately impacted and then those who will be less impacted by the situation. The ability to meet this goal may be impacted by the urgency of getting the communication out and not knowing the exact physical location of individuals affected by an emergency situation.

UNKAlert will send emergency messages from UNK to devices and addresses you designate. Communication devices can be cell phones (text and voice), landline phones, and e-mail addresses. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for UNKAlert will be maintained from SAP for employees and MyBLUE for students. It is critical that for you to receive emergency messages from UNKAlert that your telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are kept up-to-date in SAP & MyBLUE. Employees and students may "opt in" to receive emergency messages through text messages.

Students and employees who do not wish to receive emergency messages on their personal telephones or e-mail addresses may "opt-out". (Opt-Out Form) Students and employees cannot "opt-out" of receiving UNKAlert on UNK landline telephones, UNK e-mail addresses or cell phones provided by UNK.

If you are getting UNKAlert in error or after you have left UNK, email fastrj@unk.edu or call 308-865-8911

UNKAlert will be tested at the once during the semester unless it has already been activated for a real event prior to its scheduled test. The test messages will be clearly identified so that contacts will understand the message is being received only to test the system.


"Opt-Out" of Emergency Messages