Special Event Emergency Planning

Not every special event runs as scheduled. Some incidents occur that are beyond our control. To ensure the safety of our visitors, each of us has the responsibility to protect and minimize the effects of an emergency at our events.

If an incident occurs on campus that has the potential to affect the safety of the people on campus, the University will use UNKAlert and other means of communication to advise you of the incident and provide you with instructions (such as "evacuate" or "shelter in place") At least one event organizers at the event should have his or her phone on during the event. If a UNKAlert is sent, tell your audience exactly what the message says and follow the directions provided.


  • Know where your safety equipment is located.
  • Determine or know where your evacuation site will be
    • Buildings
    • Campus
  • Know what you will say if an emergency message needs to be announced.
  • Know who will deliver the message and how it will be delivered
  • Identify any special needs populations and a plan on how you might be able to  assist them
  • When setting up for the event do not block exits, emergency signs or emergency equipment.
  • Check the weather. If inclement weather is expected, make sure someone is assigned to keep track of it.
  • If you have predetermined an event may happen i.e. weather forecasters have predicted high probability of tornadoes, provide information at the beginning of your event so participants know the plan for their safety.
  • In a pre-event briefing among event organizers and those assisting review your safety plan and equipment

For more detailed information download the UNK Event Preparedness Handbook