Students In Distress

UNK has a CARE team (Concerning and Risky Events) that receives referrals on students of concern, collects additional information, and identifies and enacts appropriate strategies for addressing concerns. The CARE team provides a confidential means for early intervention of at-risk students through collaboration with campus departments, faculty and staff.

For assistance in an emergency situation, call UNK Police at 308-865-8911 or 911.

If it appears an individual may cause harm to themselves or others, contact UNK Police at 865-8911 or 911.

Contact the CARE team via email at or contact Wendy Schardt, Director of Counseling and Health Care 24/7 at 308-865-8248.

Additional Resources

Academic Concerns: Academic Advising - 308-865-8932
Academic Concerns with a Disability: Academic Success - 308-865-8988
Behavior or Conduct Concerns: Conduct Office - 308-865-1619
Health Concerns: Health Care - 308-865-8218
Emotional Health Concerns: Counseling Care - 308-865-8248
Students with a Disability: Academic Success - 308-865-8214

Other Referrals
Dean for Students - 308-865-8528
Ombudsperson - 308-865-8404
Title IX - 308-865-8388
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity - 308-865-8388