Wellness Center

Wellness Center exterior overcast

The Wellness Center is a modern 19,000-square-foot facility east of Cushing Coliseum that opened in the Fall of 2014. It includes a larger fitness center and rock climbing wall on the main level and a Physical Activity and Wellness Lab upstairs that is utilized for programming and research.

The fitness center has a spacious cardio room with treadmills, elliptical machines, ARC trainers, stair steppers, bikes and rowing machines. Additionally, it includes a dedicated light lifting area consisting of motion-assisted cable machines and a heavy lifting area consisting of free weights, squat racks, chest press benches and a smith machine.

The main floor of the Wellness Center is available to current UNK students, faculty, staff, affiliates and recent alumni. More information about who is eligible to purchase a membership can be found on this page, as well as campus recreation/wellness center policies

A Campus Recreation Wellness Center Membership with grant you access to the Wellness Center, Climbing Wall, Cushing Fieldhouse, HPER gym and racquetball courts. Spouses and dependent children of employee members are included in the membership. Spouses and dependent children over 19 are required to get a UNK ID from the card office. Must be 19 or older to use Wellness Center fitness equipment.

Fees can be paid via cash, check, Visa or Mastercard during normal office hours (8am-5pm). You can also pay your fee online at recwell.unk.edu. Fees can also be paid via payroll deduction if you are a UNK employee.

How to Sign Up For a Membership

  1. Fill out a membership form.
  2. Request an ID. (Only for certain Affiliates, employee spouses, and dependent children over 19.)
  3. Pay for your membership. This can be done in person or online.

UNK Students

  • $0 (membership included in student fees)
  • Who: Students who are currently enrolled in on-campus classes and pay . the Wellness Center Student Fees
  • How to Join: Just bring your UNK ID with you to each wellness center visit

UNK and UNMC Employees

  • Single Membership: $12/month, $120/year
  • Family Membership: $16/month, $160/year
  • Payroll Deduction: Single: $12/month for 1 year, Family: $16/month for 1 year
  • Who: Current UNK and UNMC Faculty and Staff, Emeritus/Retirees, and recognized Affiliates and Graduate Assistants

UNK Online Students

  • $63/semester
  • Who: Students who are currently enrolled in online only classes

UNMC Students

  • $63/Semester
  • Who: Students who pay UNK student fees do not have to pay the additional $63 fee, students who pay student fees to UNMC are required to pay $63/semester fee to have Wellness center access.
  • How to join: Call the Campus Recreation office at 308-865-1732 to check the status of your student fees.


  • $25/month
  • Who: CCC Students, UNK Student Spouses, UNK Alumni

Guest Affiliate

  • $25/month, $15/week
  • Who: Includes university sponsored guest, visiting professor/researcher, or other short-term affiliates. Examples include associated members visiting due to an event held at the university.


UNK students, affiliates, faculty or staff with an active Wellness Center Membership may sponsor a guest to use the facility. The pass is valid for one-day’s access to the Wellness Center, Cushing Fieldhouse, HPER gym and the Climbing Wall. Guest passes may be purchased for $5.00 in-person or online.

  • Alumni, emeritus, spouses and dependents are not eligible to sponsor guests
  • Guest and sponsor both must sign proper waivers
    • Must show valid identification (driver’s license)
    • If guest is a minor (17 and younger), they must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver
    • Guest must be 19 years or older to use the Wellness Center fitness equipment
    • Sponsor is responsible for actions of their guest. Both are required to follow patron policies
  • Members can only sponsor up to 2 guests per day
  • Only the sponsor can check out equipment
  • Guest pass receipt must be presented to enter the desired facility
  • Guest pass is only valid the day of purchase
  • Guest must exit the facility when the sponsor leaves
  • Guest is not allowed to participate in Intramurals
  • All passes are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • Guests must follow established behavioral guidelines and facility policies. The sponsor shares the responsibility for the guests’ behavior
  • No refunds are given for guest passes.
  • Guest passes allow entry in to any facility and as many times as desired during the day of purchase.

Things to Know Before You Use Your Guest Pass

  1. Fill out a guest pass waiver. Minors (18 and younger) must have a parent/guardian signature. If you intend to use the climbing wall, that waiver must be filled out as well.
  2. You must bring a valid ID. You must be 19 or older to use the Wellness Center equipment.
  3. Must have receipt to access facility. If purchasing a pass in-person, only cash or check is accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Winscot at (308) 865-8849 or winscotas@unk.edu