Loper Bike RENT-AND-RIDE Program

Rent and Ride - Loper Bikes Program

Students should worry about their grades, not their wheels. The Loper Bike RENT-AND-RIDE program allows students to zoom around campus on a quality bicycle, at a low cost, with no hassle.

It's simple - Click the blue Request a Loper Bike link below or contact the campus rec office for more information at loperbikes@unk.edu 

$ 50 | per Fall semester
$ 50 | per Spring semester
$ 95 | per Academic year (Fall and Spring semesters)
$ 50 | per Summer semester
$145 | per calendar year

  • Faster switches
  • Save money on gas
  • Great for the environment
  • Convenient rentals
  • Build a community of riders


Frequently Asked Questions