Group Rentals

Want to host your next student group gathering, staff development training or birthday party at our climbing wall? Our Climbing Center is a great place to take a group of people looking to have fun, experience something exciting and learn more about themselves and the group. No previous climbing experience needed to have a great time!

  • All participants must be at least 5 years of age and complete a climbing wall waiver.
  • Maximum 15 climbers at a time. Arrangements can be made for groups larger than 15.
  • Rental includes:
    • Exclusive access to the wall. Each group is required to have a 15-20 minute safety instruction prior to climbing.
    • Staff dedicated specifically to your group’s event.
    • Climbing safety orientation, instruction and safety equipment
  • Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance. Advance notice increases probability of fulfilling your request.
  • When submitting a reservation request, you are encouraged to provide 3 different day and time preferences.
  • All groups must adhere to the UNK Youth Safety Policies
    • We require a minimum of one adult supervisor for all groups 18 years and younger
  • Proof of Insurance may be required for formal organization group rentals


Standard Group Rental Fees

# of Climbers University Sponsored Group

Non-University Group
(18 years and younger)

Non-University Group
(19 years and older)
8 or fewer $50/hour $60/hour $70/hour
9 to 14 $60/hour $70/hour $80/hour
15+* $60/hour $70/hour $80/hour
  • Minimum 1 hour needed, per 10 climbers.  Minimum 1.5 hours needed for groups of 10 or more 
  • To accommodate groups larger than 14, additional planning may be required; including but not limited to reserving supplementary spaces on campus for additional fees.
  • To receive rate for Groups 18 and younger, groups must consist of 5:1 ratio within that age bracket.


Climbing Wall Availability

August 15-April 30 May 1-August14
Friday 6pm-8pm Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
Saturday 11am-4pm Saturday 11am-4pm
Sunday 1pm-4pm Sunday 4pm-8pm
  • Climbing Wall accessibility is dependent upon staffing ability
  • Climbing Wall may be closed periodically for route setting and maintenance
  • In certain instances, flexibility may be afforded to smaller groups depending on facility usage and event demands.

For more information contact Justin Stout, Outdoor Adventure Coordinator at or 308-865-1549