Health Requirement

UNK requires all incoming students to upload immunization records that show two MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccinations. This information must be submitted to UNK before a student can register for classes. Go to, click on the MyBlue link on the left side of the page, and look under the Profile section for the Immunization link to complete this process. Certified English translations are required for all non-English documents submitted.

If you are unable to submit or bring copies of your immunization records, you will be required to complete the vaccinations when you arrive and will need money to pay for these vaccinations.

A TB (tuberculosis) skin test must be completed after you arrive in Kearney. Please do not have this test done at home.  This will be completed during your new student orientation activities.  You will need $80 to pay for this test if you do not have the university insurance plan.

Please also note that both UNK and the State of Nebraska highly recommend the meningitis immunization for all students living on campus.  Meningitis is a rare but highly contagious disease that can have devastating health consequences.  The cost for this vaccination is $70.

It is also required that all international students have medical insurance while attending UNK. Medical insurance is available through Student Health Services. See International Student Health Insurance Requirements for complete information.