Placement Policy

Placement Policy For New Students

To apply for full admission to the UNK undergraduate program, students must score 500 or above on the paper-based TOEFL, 61 or above on iBT, or 5.5 band or above on IELTS.

Students who were not able to achieve one of the above scores should apply directly to the UNK English Language Institute (ELI). ELI is located on the UNK campus and ELI students have full access to UNK library, Internet, student services, campus housing, and student activities.

If you are applying to ELI, upon your arrival at UNK, students are given the paper-based TOEFL Placement Exam. Students scoring a 470 or above may enroll part-time in UNK classes and part-time in ELI classes. Students scoring below a 470 on the TOEFL placement exam must enroll full-time in ELI. Students will be provided the opportunity to take two additional TOEFL exams during the semester. TOEFL scores will determine future placement.

All students have the option to take the Internet Based TOEFL (iBT) or the IELTS any time during the semester. If a student receives a 61 or above on the iBT (500 or above on the ITP) or a 5.5 or above on the IELTS, the student will be admitted to regular classes at the end of the semester when the test was completed.