Export Controls

As a member of the UNK community, you must comply with all export laws and regulations of the United States-called export controls. The purpose of these controls is to secure information, technology, biological and chemical agents, and other sensitive items from those who would use them to harm national security or US economic interest. 

In order to ensure that all university activities-including research conducted by members of the UNK community –are in full compliance with the United States export controls, UNK has developed and Export Control Compliance Program to establish compliance procedures and provide guidance and other resources to faculty, students and staff participating in controlled activities.

Examples of Activities Subject to Export Controls:

  • Need to ship items internationally
  • Traveling outside of the United States
  • Plan to have foreign national(s) participated in research or want to collaborate with a researcher or institution form outside the United States
  • Working on a project that has contractual restrictions, proprietary information, or foreign national participation or that specifically includes export control rules as a condition of the award
  • Will be receiving military or space related information,
  • Will be researching subjects related to nuclear, chemical, biological weaponry missiles or unmanned vehicle technologies
  • Will be research subject related to encryption technology,
  • Will perform research involving select agents or other pathogens

The Export Control office is responsible for determining whether university activities are subject to export controls and, if so conducting training, most training will be provided via the CITI Training portal, the Export Control office will provide each individual with which CITI training they are required to complete.

Export controls regulate the sharing of information with foreign nationals, even those on our campus. While controls also regulate the shipment of physical goods, it is important to remember that intellectual property falls within these regulations. 

Technology Control Plans

When the Export Control office determines that some aspect of a research project is subject to export controls, UNK policy required the implementation a technology control plan (TCP).  A TCP is a document that details procedures designed to eliminate or minimize the risk of unlicensed exports in labs and other research facilities engaged in export-controlled research.  A TCP also documents all personnel authorized to participate in export controlled activities and access export-controlled items and information.

If you have questions please contact the Research Ethics Board.