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About the Psychobiology Degree Program

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The Psychobiology program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney is designed for students interested in the neurosciences and is an excellent Pre-Health Science degree as it includes biology, math and chemistry courses. The Psychobiology major focuses on the biological aspects of psychology.

The academic programs provide a solid foundation for understanding psychobiology and a well-balanced coverage of the entire field. Courses are taught by dedicated and award-winning professors whose goal is to provide students with a quality educational experience. The department has excellent facilities including a state-of-the-art physiological psychology laboratory designed to enhance the educational opportunities of its undergraduate students.

Career opportunities with this degree

  • Physical therapists
  • Orthopedic therapists
  • Physicians assistant
  • Physical therapy
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Other medical careers and research
Wilfredo Lopez

“I enjoyed the professors in the psychology department the most. They made psychology fun and interesting. I enjoyed the ability to build relationships with my professors and have them know who I was.” Lopez says that he “decided to become a Psychobiology major because it was geared toward health. I had the opportunity to learn about psychological research, which I found really interesting.” “Psychology is a part of medicine and I believe it helped me have a better understanding of how they both are involved in patient care.”


Wilfredo Lopez

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