Additional Information and Resources

Student Resources

The UNK Online website provides links to a variety of student resources including information about getting started at UNK (how to register for classes on MyBlue, online student orientation) and student tutorials. 

Students with Disabilities/Special Needs

UNK is committed to providing support for students with disabilities. If you are a student with physical, learning, emotional, or psychological disabilities you are encouraged to contact the Disabilities Coordinator at 308-865-8214. Students must have a reasonable accommodation plan (RAP) from the Academic Success Office to receive any accommodations.

Grant Support for Research

UNK Research Services Council (RSC) offers grants of up to $750 to graduate students to offset the costs of materials, consumable supplies, and mileage related to research. Students are encouraged to seek both RSC funds and external sources of funding. Advisors are expected to assist students in these pursuits. Applications and instructions are available online through the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Thesis and non-thesis students may also contact their advisor/mentor for possible funding options through the Department of Biology.

Professional Meetings

As a member of the scientific community, graduate students are encouraged to attend local, regional, and national meetings to present their findings. Funds to support this activity are available through the Research Services Council. Applications and instructions are available through the department and online through the Office of Sponsored Programs.  Students additionally are encouraged to contact their advisor/mentor for other funding sources.


Students are highly encouraged to publish their scientific findings. Advisors should suggest appropriate journals for publication and provide students with assistance in preparation of manuscripts.


Access to the UNK library can be achieved at This link provides instructions on how to use the library, a link for asking questions 24 hours a day, and a search box for online access.


Computer use is important for all students, but it is essential for distance students. If you are having difficulties with your computer, you can receive 24 hr assistance at 308-865-8363 or the UNK Help Desk. 


Classes in the program are administered through the Canvas courseware. If a student is having difficulty with the system, they should contact the computer help desk at 308-865-8363. Students should check Canvas every day to get announcements and assignments from faculty.


Email is an important method of communication at UNK. Every UNK student is issued a student email account that is accessible using an Internet browser or a POP3 client such as Eudora or Outlook Express. Correspondence with professors and the major advisor should be conducted through the UNK email address. Students should check this account on a regular basis.

Contacting Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff, particularly the program coordinators Brian Peterson and Robyn Schoenebeck, are available to assist you with questions. Contacting them at will result in the quickest response, although they are also available for phone consultations (308-865-1589). However, please remember that the program consists of 400 students, so it is important to be mindful of the time of those faculty and staff you contact. Graduate work is meant to be self-driven and thus you should not expect all answers to be supplied by faculty and staff. The student is expected to accept the majority of the responsibility for learning at this level.