Program Requirements

Program Overview

The M.S. non-thesis degree is designed primarily for non-resident students who would like to acquire greater expertise in modern biology. In lieu of a thesis defense, students completing this option are required to pass a written comprehensive examination covering the courses within their program.

The non-thesis degree option can be completed entirely online.  A total of 36 credit hours must be completed.  The usual time to complete these hours for the majority of our students is two and a half to three years. 

MS in Biology - Non-Thesis (36 hours)

REQUIRED COURSES (12 credit hours):

  • BIOL 802, Organic Evolution - 3 hours
  • BIOL 820, Introduction to Graduate Study - 3 hours
    (Students are encouraged to take Intro to Graduate Study during their first 9 hours of graduate work in Biology.)
  • BIOL 827, Biological Statistics - 3 hours
  • BIOL 881, Current Issues in Biology - 3 hours
    (Current Issues is 1-credit hour and must be taken three semesters for a total of 3 hours.)

ELECTIVES (24 credit hours): 
All graduate level Biology courses (BIOL) will fulfill the elective requirements for the degree. This includes courses with a P designation (have an undergraduate counterpart). No more than 18 hours of coursework with a "P" designation may apply to the degree program. See Course Descriptions for elective course options.

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