What is Industrial Distribution (or ID)?

Industrial Distribution generally describes the overall movement of industrial goods from their creation (manufacturing) through the industrial supply chain (wholesale distribution) to other businesses and companies who use those products. An Industrial Distributor is a sales organization who typically helps move these products through the supply chain, providing a valuable service to both suppliers and business customers.

a student pulls an item off the shelf in the industrial distribution labTraditionally, Industrial Distributors were considered companies who sold mostly MRO or OEM products to other manufacturers. However, the term has come in include a variety of wholesale distributors that cut through all lines of trade.

The National Association of Wholesale Distributors estimates the ID industry to include over 30,000 companies that do over $7.4 trillion dollars of revenue annually. These sales organizations link manufacturers to retailers, commercial, institutional, and government product users.

An Industrial Distribution degree prepare students for high-level technical sales roles and leadership positions in a worldwide market that touches every facet of life, but largely goes unnoticed by many. UNK's Industrial Distribution program combines technical and business classes to produce professionals who play a vital role in this industrial space.

The ID program at UNK is widely regarded as one of the top Industrial Distribution programs in the nation. Students who graduate from the ID program will enter the workforce with hands-on experience and technical knowledge, as well as business, communication, and leadership skills that will set them up for success in their careers.

Two students consult a clipboard in an industrial distribution labThe UNK Industrial Distribution curriculum was developed with help from industry leaders in manufacturing and distribution, creating a practical and comprehensive program with nearly 100% career placement rate for program graduates.* ID majors are consistently among the most highly recruited majors on campus. Many students have multiple full-time employment offers before graduation.

Program graduates are hired for careers in a variety of manufacturing and distribution industry segments including agriculture equipment and supplies, material handling equipment, electrical products, MRO (maintenance, repair, operating) supplies, building materials, plumbing, constructions equipment, fluid power, materials, and power transmission.