Degree Programs - Undergraduate

There are several undergraduate degree options provided by the Department of Biology. Follow the additional links to the catalog listings for each major or minor.

- Bachelor of Science Degree - Provides a great overview of biology and the student needs to select a minor of study.

Biology Comprehensive - Bachelor of Science Degree – The student chooses an emphasis.

  • General Emphasis – provides a broader study in biology while no minor is needed for the degree.
  • Wildlife Emphasis – Following this comprehensive major allows the student to become a Certified Wildlife Biologist. This could be an advantage to obtaining a job in the field.
  • Health Science Emphasis – This comprehensive major is an excellent option for students interested in pre-professional health programs.

Student working in the lab

Molecular Biology Comprehensive - Bachelor of Science Degree – This is the only undergraduate comprehensive molecular major in Nebraska. The major matches well with several pre-professional health programs and for students interested in molecular biology.

Biology 7-12 Teaching Subject Endorsement - Bachelor of Science in Education Degree – UNK has always had an excellent reputation for producing some of Nebraska’s top biology teachers.

Minor in Biology – The minor pairs well with several other science majors.

Minor in Health Science and Minor in Public Health - Both minors fit with students interested in pre-professional health programs and provides background in the diverse field of health care. The minors are through the Health Science Program but pair well with a biology major.

Biology student out in the field Minor in Environmental Science - Offers students from any major the opportunity to obtain a strong background in subjects that impact this field.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine - The Pre-Veterinary Medicine curriculum at UNK is designed to comply with admission requirements of the Veterinary Medicine cooperative professional program at University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)/Iowa State University (ISU). This is the only such program with a contract relationship with the state of Nebraska.