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About the General Biology Comprehensive Degree Program

On Campus

Students in the Biology Comprehensive program at UNK dive deep into the study of how living organisms function, behave and interact, as well as how they develop, reproduce and evolve. 

As a Biology major, you'll gain a solid foundation in biological and physical sciences and have opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty mentors on real research projects. Because of the broader study in biology offered by the comprehensive program, no minor or second major is required.

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Dr. Janet Steele

Professor of Biology

Biology Comprehensive Program at a Glance


Credit Hours

General Studies requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to UNK.

Degree Received

Biology Comprehensive, Bachelor of Science, General Emphasis


Per Credit Hour

With the New Nebraskan Scholarship all undergraduate students pay in-state tuition

Christine Cutucache

“It’s the opportunities and experiences, more than coursework, that help shape a scientist,” Before entering college, she searched Midwest schools based on her interests – gene therapy and human immunodeficiency virus. “The experiences I had at UNK taught me how to apply my knowledge and hone skills that I wasn’t able to sufficiently in the classroom. These skills included the ability to speak in front of crowds of scientists at national meetings and to compile data into reports that were published for international audiences to read.”

Christine Cutucache

University of Nebraska at Omaha , Omaha, NE

What can you do with a Biology Comprehensive Degree

Learn more about the types of jobs and common employers that Biology Comprehensive graduates work for.


  • Field biologist
  • Genetic engineer
  • Research scientist
  • Environmental scientist

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