Policy Governing Overload Assignments

Approved 1993

A normal faculty teaching load at the University of Nebraska at Kearney is defined as 11 to 13 credit hours per semester, For clarification of what constitutes a normal load, please refer to the UNK FACULTY WORKLOAD GUIDELINES (approved 8/10/92).

Overloads are defined as loads in excess of normal full-time loads. As a general policy statement, overloads are normally discouraged and should be used only when necessary for the institution to meet its instructional commitments to students, ..The following policy is intended to help govern overload assignments. Any exceptions to this stated policy must be approved in writing by the Dean of the College of the faculty member teaching the overload and the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

1) Faculty shall not teach more than one overload in an academic year. No overload shall exceed four credit hours.
2) No overloads will be permitted for on-campus classes either during the day or at night.
3) No overloads will be permitted during semesters when faculty have received money for release time from the Research Services Council or from another grant.

Approved by the Council of Deans 2/93
Approved by the SVCAA 2/93
Approved by the Chancellor 2/93

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