Appointment Guidelines

Approved 8/1/91
University of Nebraska at Kearney

These guidelines are an overview of UNK applications of the relevant Regent Bylaws and Policies regarding appointments. The Bylaws and Policies themselves should be used in addressing particular issues and questions.

Regent Bylaws (4.4.1 - 4.4.3) specify three kinds of appointments: Special Appointments, Appointments for a Specific Term, and Continuous Appointments.

Most appointments are for the academic year, the beginning and ending dates of which are determined by Regent Bylaws (3.3.1).Normally the academic year begins one week before the first day of classes and ends nine months later.

Special Appointments are non-tenure track appointments with termination dates. Normally at UNK, these contracts are for an academic year, and in all cases terminate without notice in accordance with the time stated in the appointment. The following titles and descriptions are typical Special Appointments at UNK.

Assistant Instructor -- Assistant Instructors are part- or full-time temporary appointments, normally for a semester or an academic year. These appointments are assigned to directly support regular faculty in labs and similar endeavors.

Lecturer -- Lecturers are part- or full-time temporary appointments, normally for a semester or an academic year. Lecturers should hold the master's degree or its equivalent.

Instructor -- The rank of Instructor is a temporary appointment, normally for an academic year, requiring the master's degree or its equivalent. Instructors appointed as the result of a search to fill an authorized position will normally be expected to work toward meeting the requirements for the rank of Assistant Professor. No one may serve at the rank of Instructor for more than seven years.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, Visiting Professor -- These are temporary appointments to replace faculty on leave or on temporary out-of-department assignments, to fill vacant positions on short notice, or to serve in a special short-term teaching role. The specific title should be consistent with the academic background and experience, including the rank held at other institutions, or an equivalent record in another area.

In addition, the titles Assistant Professor and above, when appointed to externally-funded, terminal positions, are normally Special Appointments.

Appointments for a Specific Term are tenure-track positions with the title of Assistant Professor or above. Such appointments are the result of a formal search. These appointments are normally for one year. They carry no presumption of renewal and will terminate upon written notice which meets the provisions of Regent Bylaw 4.4.2 and the collective bargaining contract.

Continuous Appointments hold academic tenure. The appointment is described in Regent Bylaw 4.4.3., 4.10, and others.