Community Wellness Programs


The Physical Activity and Wellness Laboratory's goal is to provide community outreach to youth and adults to enhance their physical fitness through exercise while providing opportunities for UNK Exercise Science students to gain hands-on experiential learning.

Community outreach efforts include (but are not limited to) personal and group exercise programs for adolescent athletes, personal and group exercise programs for adults in need for fitness or health related exercise.

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The Community Wellness Program is comprised of the following programs: 

Youth/Teen (Ages 10-18 Years)

4 Week Program

April 23rd - May 17th 

Select 2 days per week for $54 or 4 day per week $100. 

Choose 2 or all 4 days : Monday - Thursday  - 4:15-5:00pm   

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Agility, Speed and Quick Summer Camp 

June 4th - June 28th Monday & Wednesday

7:30-8:30am or 9:00-10:00am

Cost: $65

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The goal of the session is to increase athletic performance on the playing field by improving acceleration, multi-directional speed and agility, strength, vertical jump, stamina, and flexibility. 

What to expect: Plyometric drills, Speed drills, Strength Training, and Stretching

All classes held at UNK in the New Wellness Center
2nd Floor Physical Activity and Wellness Lab


It’s Time to Get Moving!

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4 Week Program!

April 23rd - June 28th

After Work Fitness Release

    • Mon & Wed or Tue & Thur 5:15-6:00pm

Cost: $110 (UNK Payroll Deduction payment option)

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Person Training/Exercise Consultations

Personal Training Package Cost:$150 - Includes 8 Sessions (Call for appointment)

Times: Exercise 2 days/week by appointment with an exercise coach and/or trained exercise science students. Our staff will design a personal exercise program for you and keep you accountable to reach your goals. Client to staff ratio after the first two weeks is typically 3:1

Exercise Consultation Cost:$50 (Call for appointment)

Been doing the same exercise for years? Want to meet with a strength and conditioning coach to get some recommendations for improvements? Call now to make an appointment.

Fitness Consultation Cost:$125 (Call for appointment)

State of the art fitness assessment (VO2 max graded exercise test) and body composition and bone mineral density analysis (DXA) followed by the design of a personal exercise prescription including recommendations for improvements based on your fitness evaluation. Assessments alone value at over $300

All assessments and exercise sessions are held at UNK in the New Wellness Center -2nd Floor PRIVATE Exercise Room.

Appointments Contact: 865-8336 or


Wellness Assessments
UNK Student
UNK Employee
Nutrition Consultation

Basic Package

  • Three-day diet evaluation
  • Individual consultation
$20 $30 $45

Gold Package includes a Resting Metabolic Rate measurement

$30 $40 $60
  • RMR




  • DXA




  • VO2max




  • Blood Lipid (cholesterol


  • Osteoporosis