Building Healthy Families

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A family centered team approach to pediatric weight loss

Building Healthy Families (BHF) is a family- based obesity treatment program for children and their families. The key components of the program include a reinforcing environment, education, practice, individualized assessments, and progress monitoring. Physical activity, nutrition and behavioral modification are cornerstone components to the program.

The program is family based and will require attendance at weekly sessions at the UNK Physical Activity and Wellness Lab, McCook Junior High School or MidPlains Community College in Broken Bow. Sessions will be Monday nights from 6pm-7:30pm for 12 weeks. Each week, every family members’ body weight will be measured and recorded. Dr. Foster, a licensed behavioral psychologist, will work with families to evaluate barriers to healthy eating and activity and develop strategies to overcome those barrier and set goals. Example goals would be: limiting soda consumption, reduction or elimination of television viewing, limiting of fast food to once per week, or other health enhancing and weight reduction procedures. Families who meet their goals, lose weight!

During the weekly session, all family members will participate in practical nutrition education conducted by Kaiti George, Registered Dietitian. The overlying goal for each session will be to increase the participant's knowledge on nutrition related topics. There will be a different topic each week aimed at helping families make better choices. Physical activity will be held for families during the program on Monday night and other opportunities throughout the week.

Each participating child and parents will be assessed for body fat, blood pressure, fitness and overall health status at the beginning and at 12 weeks and 6 months in Kearney. Families will meet with Dr. Kate Heelan, UNK Director, Physical Activity and Wellness Lab to determine weight status goals and accomplishments throughout the program.

After several years of experience, our results have proven success for both children and adults. Obese children have lost more than 5% of their body mass in twelve weeks while adult weight loss has averaged 14 lbs in 12 weeks with some losing up to 40 lbs. The results are just as good, if not better than published weight loss programs across the country.

The cost of the program is approximately $85 per month for the entire family, and that includes all the assessments. Scholarships will be made available for families who demonstrate financial hardship.

Please call Bryce at 865-8336 or email for specifics or with questions.
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