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The Department of Chemistry at University of Nebraska Kearney is committed to be a premiere undergraduate chemistry program that prepares its students for success in their academic, professional, or industrial careers. Our vision is to achieve distinction through excellence in teaching, high-quality research experiences, and engagement in the community and profession, focusing on the development of our students. We offer high-quality undergraduate programs of study that provide our students with the background necessary to work as professional chemists or to prepare for graduate or professional school. Chemistry is a "hands-on" science, and we place an emphasis on providing students with the best laboratory experience possible through access to state-of-the-art equipment and participation in active undergraduate research programs.

News @ UNK-Chemistry

INBRE scholar program offers paid research opportunity for chemistry majors

UNK chemistry students and faculty present 18 posters and one talk in 2017 ACS Midwest Regional Meeting held in Lawrence, KS. 
  1. Characterization of cinnamic acid derivatives as novel pain medications: Role of adenosine pathway. C. Capellen, A. Priebe, M. Hunke, M. Pattabiraman, S. Chandra
  2. Synthesis and structure-activity relationship (SAR) of carboxyl-substituted phenylalanine derivatives as LAT1 substrates. L. Stoner, C. Hernandez, S. Springer, H. Chien, K. Giacomini, C. Colas, A. Schlessinger, A.A. Thomas
  3. Developing new derivatives of 1,8-naphthalimide dyes via Suzuki coupling reaction. M. Xie, T. Ding, H. Cao
  4.  Concentrate electrophoretically eluted DNA molecules in 3D printed devices. A. Mashmann, J. Dolphin, K. Kounovsky-Shafer
  5. Synthesis of α-quaternary amino acids as potential LAT1 substrates. B. Venteicher, C. Hall, J. Campbell, C. Hernandez, K. Giacomini, H. Chien, C. Colas, A. Schlessinger, A.A. Thomas
  6. Studying the binding interactions of alachlor and alachlor ESA using high performance affinity chromatography. S. Trenhaile, A. Moser
  7. Determination of electroendosmosis and electrophoresis in gel matrices for 3D printed devices. J. Lallman, R. Flaugh, M. Kohlbek, K. Kounovsky-Shafer
  8. Identifying the binding location of atrazine and two of its metabolites on HSA using high performance affinity chromatography. K. Frankenberg, A. Moser
  9. Phenylalanine derivatives containing polar substituents as LAT1 substrates for use in drug delivery. L. Stoner, K. Finke, A. Anthony, J. Bauer, A. Flint, H. Chien, K. Giacomini, C. Colas, A. Schlessinger, A.A. Thomas
  10. Using azide appended 2,3-naphthalimde as an approach for detection of H2S. A. Ahmad, H. Cao
  11. Determination of lambda DNA concentration in 3D printed devices. C. Masters, J. Dolphin, A. Maschmann, K. Kounovsky-Shafer
  12. Manipulation of femtosecond laser processed aluminum-1100 surface wetting behavior via coating by silanes with long-chain alkyl or fluoroalkyl substituents. A. Tanbouza-Husseini, K.R. Everitt, S.A. Darveau, C.L. Exstrom
  13. Effects of acid catalysts on the preparation of ambient-dried titania aerogels. L.M. Hansen, S.A. Darveau, C.L. Exstrom
  14. Facile one-pot synthesis of WSe2 nanoparticles from the reaction between diphenyl diselenide and tungsten hexacarbonyl. J.R. Blum, W.M. Colling, S.A. Darveau, C.L. Exstrom
  15. Fabrication of WSe2 thin films via a mild-temperature selenization of chemical bath-deposited tungsten oxide. M.E. Falconer, S.A. Darveau, C.L. Exstrom
  16. Effects of silica aerogel embedment on the wetting properties of femtosecond laser processed aluminum 1100 surfaces. K.R. Everitt, A. Tanbouza-Husseini, S.A. Darveau, C.L. Exstrom, E. Peng, J.E. Shield, G. Gogos, R. Bell, C.A. Zuhlke, D.R. Alexander
  17. Chemistry of tungsten-selenium nanocrystalline product formation from a mild-temperature reaction between tungsten hexacarbonyl and selenium. W.M. Colling, J.R. Blum, S.A. Darveau, C.L. Exstrom
  18. Extension of the cavitand-mediation photocycloaddition approach: Interplay of weak interactions on the 2+2 photocycloaddition of substituted cinnamic acids. M. Pattabiraman, T. Bokoskie, N. Vuong, A. Kashyap (Talk presented by students)
  19. Exploring reactivity of N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs). H. Palencia, I. Monreal-Leyva, L. Berdugo

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