Educator Certification Office

Office of Educator Certification (formerly KASE)

The Educator Certification Office serves as a resource center for future educators.  Students are assisted as they apply to the Teacher Education program, gain admission to the program, are placed to student teach, and apply for certification.  Transfer students are urged to visit with Educator Certification Office representatives on Transfer Day or at any time.


Admission to Teacher Education

Admission requirements and the Teacher Education application are furnished to students in TE 100GS and TE 831P.  Transfer students who have taken the equivalent of TE 100GS elsewhere receive an application at Transfer Day.  Students are urged to work closely with their advisors in order to qualify for admission in a timely manner.  Most students should plan on being admitted by the middle of the their sophomore year. Transitional Certification Students should be admitted while enrolled in TE 831GS or TE 832.

Student Teaching

Students are required to attend a student teaching workshop two semesters before they plan to student teach.  Multiple workshops are offered in November and April.  (Fall student teachers attend one November workshop; spring student teachers attend one April workshop.)


All individuals requiring institutional verification from UNK must complete an institutional verification consent form.  Information on applying for certification is provided to students during their final student teaching semester. 

Post-baccalaureate Initial Certification

Individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree may enter a post-baccalaureate program in order to qualify for initial teacher certification.

Additional Endorsement

Individuals seeking an additional endorsement should establish a program through the Educator Certification Office.  Call 308-865-8264 or send an email to

Transfer Students (undergraduate)

Transfer students will meet with a representative from the Educator Certification Office on Transfer Day.  Students transferring in TE 100 should go to the Educator Certification Office to complete an application to the Teacher Education Program.


Practicum experiences are arranged with the Director of Field Experiences.  Click here for more information on renewal and additional endorsement practicums.

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