Admission to Teacher Education Requirements

Admission into the Teacher Education Program must be achieved before you are allowed to enroll in most 300-level (third year) and 400-level (fourth year) education courses. An application to Teacher Education is completed in TE 100GS. If you transfer in TE 100GS, complete an application in the Educator Certification Office. Ideally, most students should complete the admission requirements by the middle of their sophomore year. Admission requirements can change. Refer to your catalog to verify your requirements. Current requirements are listed below.


Complete the following courses with a "C" (2.0 GPA) or better: ENG 102GS, SPCH 100GS, TE 100GS, and TE 204 or TE 206 (both TE 204 and 206 must be completed prior to student teaching). Music Education students will take MUS 201 instead of TE 206.


Establish and maintain a UNK overall GPA of 2.75 or higher. (A minimum GPA of 2.50 is required for students on catalogs prior to 2013-14.)

Praxis Core

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests (Core) are required for admission into educator preparation programs and teaching certificates (except substitute) in Nebraska. UNK’s College of Education building hosts one of the Nebraska testing sites.

To register for the tests and for information, visit the ETS website. Indicate UNK 6467 and Nebraska Department of Education as score recipients. While on the ETS website, be sure to check out the test preparation information so you know how to prepare and what to bring with you on the day of your test.

The Praxis Core consists of three tests with passing scores as follows: Reading—156, Math—150, Writing—162. The Nebraska Department of Education will accept a non-passing score if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. The composite score of all three tests is 468 or above, and
  2. Two tests receive passing scores with at least one test above the passing score, and
  3. One test is within one point of the passing scores. If you believe you qualify for the exception, contact the Educator Certification Office for verification.

If you have a disability, health-related needs, or your primary language is not English, visit the ETS website for information on accommodations.

Department recommendation

Receive recommendation from your advisor(s). Recommendation forms are completed in TE 100GS. If you are not required to take TE 100GS, visit the Educator Certification Office.

Declare an education major

If you are an undergraduate student, you must officially declare an education major. For many students, this is taken care of during the admissions process. If not, you may change your major by searching on the UNK website for a Program Change form.  If you have questions about this form, contact the Registrar's office at 308-865-8527.

Comply with Rules 20 & 21

Establish the absence of any criminal conviction that would prevent you from receiving a Nebraska teaching certificate (Rule 20) and provide evidence of sufficient emotional and mental fitness (Rule 21). You will satisfy this requirement in TE 100GS. If you have transferred in TE 100GS, please see the Educator Certification Office.

Important: If your Rule 20 and/or Rule 21 status changes, you must inform the Educator Certification Office immediately and provide court papers when available. Failing to do so may cause your admission to Teacher Education to be delayed or revoked. Furthermore, if you do not inform the Educator Certification Office of a conviction (Rule 20) or an order of determination (Rule 21) before it is discovered on your student teaching background check, student teaching may be delayed or denied.