Admission to Teacher Education Requirements--Transitional Certification Program

You must be admitted into the Teacher Education Program before you are allowed to enroll in TE 833. An application to Teacher Education is completed in TE 831P. See requirements below.


Complete TE 831P with a “C” (2.0 GPA) or better and be enrolled in TE 832.


Establish and maintain a UNK overall GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Praxis Core

Successfully complete all three Praxis Core tests. Passing scores, determined by the State of Nebraska Department of Education, are: Reading-156; Math-150; Writing-162. An exception is made if the total of your three test scores is 468 or above, you pass two tests, and the score of the third test is within one point of the minimum passing score. Contact the Educator Certification Office with any questions.

For more on the Praxis Core exam and to schedule your test, visit the ETS website. Be certain to indicate #6467 University of NE Kearney as a score recipient.

Test prep materials are available through

Department Recommendations

TCP students achieve department recommendation in one of two ways:

1) with a completed Program of Study review on file in the Educator Certification Office, or

2) copies of transitional certification recommendation forms on file in the Educator Certification Office.

Comply with Rules 20 & 21

Before you participate in any field experience, you are required to establish the absence of a criminal conviction (misdemeanor or felony) that would prevent you from receiving a Nebraska teaching certificate (Rule 20) and provide evidence of sufficient emotional or mental fitness (Rule 21). You will satisfy this requirement in TE 831P by completing a background check, personal and professional fitness form, criminal history form, and by submitting court papers, if applicable. Court papers for all convictions, other than traffic violations, MIP, and DUI, must on file in the Educator Certification Office.

Important: If your Rule 20 and/or Rule 21 status changes, you must inform the Educator Certification Office immediately and provide court papers when available. Failing to do so may cause your admission to Teacher Education to be delayed or revoked. Furthermore, if you do not inform the Educator Certification Office of a conviction (Rule 20) or an order of determination (Rule 21) before it is discovered on your background check, your admission into the Teacher Education Program and student teaching may be delayed or denied.